In 1979, Kent Davis and David GoWell invented a new type of interactive robotic character they called the Electronic Personality.  In 1980, they formed RoboMedia, Inc. to explore and develop techniques to use this unique multi-media communication tool in the areas of education, marketing and entertainment.

After hundreds of trial robot presentations in schools and hospitals, Davis and GoWell began writing the Million Dollar Machine curriculum in May 1986.  They were assisted by a distinguished group of consulting educators, psychologists and drug use prevention experts, most notably the core group listed below.

The development team reviewed curricula from 19 states before developing MDM's life skills concepts and learning objectives.  In the first year of development, they monitored hundreds of robot-presented  MDM assemblies.  They then evaluated these for content, student comprehension and to determine the most effective robot media teaching techniques.  The powerful, comprehensive and nationally compatible MDM curriculum is the result.

By the end of the 1989-1990 school year, more than 450,000 children in 19 states had experienced the Million Dollar Machine Program. The MDM curriculum materials and Teacher's Guides were again revised based on that  field experience.  Now, more than 3,250,000 children in 42 states are benefiting from the program. 

In 1999, the advent of the Internet inspired us to begin offering the printed lesson collection to teachers world wide.  We continue to refine and improve MDM every day.

In 2009 we have refined and improved the MDM lesson collection to make them practical for parental use at home as well.

A key factor in the program's success is the extensive knowledge that elementary school teachers and parents contributed.  We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.  To contact us, please click here.

The Million Dollar Machine Development Team

Kent Davis
DatASIA, Inc.

David GoWell
Eagle View Academy

In Consultation With:

Steven P. Schinke, Ph.D.
Professor, School of Social Work
Columbia University

Steven Godin, Ph.D., MPH, CHES
Associate Professor of Health
East Stroudsburg University


Coordinator of Program Evaluation and Research
University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey  

H. James Wasser, M.A.
Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist

Michelle Parker Rock, M.S. Ed.
Elementary Curriculum Specialist

Micki McKisson, M.A.
Environmental Education Consultant
Greenpeace North American Education Coordinator

Illustrated by Donald G. O'Brien


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