Robot Taught Assemblies How To Bring MDM To Your School Meet America's Amazing Robot Teachers

"Today, we're very lucky to have with us... a famous  celebrity!  You've probably seen him on TV but today, he's here in person..."

"That robot accomplished more in a short time than we did all year in focusing our childrens' attention on what a wonderful machine the human body is. The lesson was excellent, the presentation medium fabulous."
John N. Chapman
Principal John F. Kennedy School
Middletown, Rhode Island

When the audience hears these words, you can hear a pin drop.  Anticipation builds.  Within moments, a musical fanfare  announces the star's arrival and he sweeps in to greet his cheering audience.

But this group isn't attending a Hollywood premier or a Las Vegas revue.  They're a group of elementary school  students in one of thousands of schools across America.  Imagine being in elementary school and having a celebrity come to teach a class.

Then imagine the excitement when your celebrity guest  speaker turns out to be a funny, lovable 6 foot tall robot!

Click HERE to see our Robot Life Skills Teacher!To see our robot life skills teacher, Click HERE
But this celebrity isn't only for kids.  Teachers and parents are just as excited by his visit because this robot delivers the most dynamic Life Skills special assembly available for K-6 children, the Million Dollar Machine (MDM) life skills enrichment program.

The live MDM assembly includes powerful Life Skills, Health, Nutrition, Drug Prevention and Character Education concepts.  It also includes a comprehensive collection of lessons, worksheets, vocabulary and activities for teachers, students and parentsThe assembly usually costs less than $3 per student, including our complete lesson plans for teachers.

MDM has received dozens of awards and proclamations including a Presidential Award for its innovative solution to America's drug problem.  Teachers and education experts in 42 states have praised this unique special assembly program.


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